Finding your confidence as a new photographer.

Welcome to my first post ever! My name is Tosin Rufai and I am the Creative Director at Teefal Studios. I love writing and I decided to start blogging/vlogging this has been a long time coming. You see, when I decided to take up photography as a career,I reached out to few people and I noticed most of them were not willing to share information except you paid for it. I then decided to do trainings and yes, I am of the opinion that you should get proper training in whatever field you are in. Since the beginning of my career, I have dreamed of having a platform where I can share my journey and hopefully make someone’s life easier. After all, we grow by helping others!


Here are some tips for finding your confidence as a new photographer:

  1. Evaluate yourself and be realistic:  I can not emphasise on this enough! Take a good look at your work and have a professional give you constructive criticism. Focus on your weak areas, practice and do not stop learning. No one knows it all but lets face it, you cannot be putting out not so good work and expect fantastic pay! Invest in your craft, watch tutorials and never let money be your initial driving force, you will get frustrated! As I crossed things off “my list”, my confidence grew. It can happen for you too.
  2. Try a Photography Challenge:   One thing I do monthly is to identify a skill that can help up my game. Then I start trying it out till I perfect it. It helps you become better and more creative. Photography is Art and it can become boring even to your audience as they see similar things everywhere. You have to challenge yourself ti bring something fresh to the table. Stop waiting around for paying jobs. Just keep shooting!
  3. Test the waters:  You know how they make medical students work in different fields before they specialise, same goes for photography. You do not have to limit yourself when you start out to one type of photography. With time, you will find your calling. In my journey, putting myself out there really did help me. Had I stayed the private, shy photographer I was, I would have missed out on so many opportunities. If I hadn’t made my to-do list, I would still be intimidated to shoot indoors, or turn my camera to manual mode. I still have moments. I am still really hard on myself. But I can look back on many photos now, and feel proud of them. Sometimes, I take a photo I can’t wait to share online. And even more exciting than that— is I love a handful of those photos SO much, that it wouldn’t matter to me one if no one gave it a ‘like’. Because I love them…and that is a great feeling.
  4. Give yourself due credit:                                                     The social media world is a scary one and it can be very intimidating. There was a time I was very scared to put up pictures because I did not think they were good enough and I would see what others were doing and feel worse. I started by spending less time online and working on my craft. As an artist, you have to “guard your eyes” If I find you distracting, I will unfollow you (no hard feelings, well i hope but think about it, why are you on social media? Remember your “why” and you will always be on the right path. You are you and there is something unique about you. Do not try to be like someone else, people notice…then your work will begin to look like that person’s work. You can understudy someone you admire but do not be obsessive about it. You wont find yourself that way. Keep working and you will get there!

And now here I am writing to all of you who feel the same as me. Finding your confidence as a new photographer is a journey. And that is ok. I’m hoping your journey will be a bit easier, that you will be a little more gentle with yourself, that you will work hard to find your confidence, instead of just giving up. Work hard, believe in yourself, and good things will happen. Remember to have fun! Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts with me!